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Friday, December 9, 2016

Treating Mental Illness and Substance Abuse in Florida

One of the most frustrating things is to see a loved one fall to mental illness or substance abuse. It is so difficult because the afflicted can seem so normal. We project rationality onto a mind that no longer functions rationally. Florida is one of the worst states for addressing this, so I was interested to see this reform called the Jennifer Act. It was named after a young woman that fell to drug addiction. We need to do something, right? http://thejenniferact.com/

Monday, December 7, 2009

In Bb

Technology is moving us further and further into the realm of life being played back to itself.....

Here is another example:


Monday, November 23, 2009

Dandelion - Caffeine Free Coffee Substitute

new information provokes new interest...

so, I have known about the health benefits of dandelion for awhile, yes, I'm referring to that beautiful weed. for starters, if people are unaware, the leaves of the dandelion are totally edible and when raised as a crop versus just allowing the weeds to grow they produce beautiful nice sized leaves (this is also true for oats before they were considered to be grown as a crop, another topic). One of the main health benefits of dandelion is its ability to clean out and detox the liver, this is best done between the last 9 days of summer and the first 9 days of spring.

but, now the really cool part...

i found today you can also use dandelion root to make caffeine free coffee. in NYC, i might get hit over the head for even suggesting such sake religious ideas. For some however, a great tasting, caffeine free, coffee substitute, that is easy to make...might make some HOLLA! I haven't been able to make it yet, I went today to the farmers market, but they didn't have any.

Dandelion is best harvested in the early spring and late fall, so I'm a bit late, but I will keep searching, and if not, next spring...it is on.

Basically, you would get your dandelion root, cut it up, throw it in a food processor, toast it in the oven, put it in a jar, and make it the same way you would coffee or tea. you could also really grind it up into a powder and make it that way too. just throw on some boiling water and you are set.

here is the best website that i found if you are interested for better cooking instructions:


Sunday, October 18, 2009

As the Heart Turns....

Incredible ingenuity.....

Heart-shaped art with gears